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Things to do in Cayman Islands -

Cayman Islands attractions 

Cinema, Museum, Gallery, Castle , Botanic Park, Hell, Stingray City, Turtle Farm, Rum point Ferry, Beaches, Diving,  Fishing, Boats Trips


Grand Cayman Cinema

 The Cayman cinema is located in Grand Cayman across the butterfly farm in the Marquee center close to Cafe Del Sol Coffee place: Most weekends has a matinee that starts at $5. If you would like to see the weekday show the first cinema has 2 show times: 7pm and 9:15pm, the second cinema also has two show times: 7:30 and 9:30. The cost for the weekdays is $8.


Cayman Islands National Museum

The Cayman Islands National Museum is the most historical museum in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.  This Cayman museum was once the Old Court Building, the museum then developed in to the most nostalgic place on the Island. The great thing about this museum is that it shows Cayman’s Heritage over the years.


Grand Cayman  - Prentice Powell’s Museum

Although very small,  the Grand Cayman  - Prentice Powell’s Museum is very amazing. It is filled with unique artifacts with exciting stories behind them. For more information call 949-3477


The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

Located in the Harbour Place in George Town facing the Ocean,  the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is a wonderful museum for the whole family to enjoy. Membership ranges from $25-$500; it depends on the package you get, however admission is free to the public. They are known for their art as well as children exhibits, so while you are looking at beautiful art with your spouse your children can have at the same time.

For more information call 945-8111


Grand Cayman - Esteban Gallery Limited

The Esteban Gallery Limited is an art gallery where people can enjoy the works of Horacio Esteban as well as local art. The gallery is situated on the last floor of AALL Trust and Banking which is located on Fort Street. For more information call 345-947-2787.


Pedro St. James Castle

Pedro St. James Castle is located in Savannah, Grand Cayman. It is open from 8:30am-5:00pm everyday. The show starts an hour before 10:00am to 4:00pm. Admission tickets include $8/adult and $4/children that are 6-12 years old.


Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Located on Frank Sound Road in the east end direction of Grand Cayman, the Botanic Park is a great place to enjoy nature.  It opens 9am and closes at 5:30pm. The last tour is at 4:30pm.  Admission Tickets are $6/adult and $3/children from 6-12. If you have a child that is under 6 years old there is no charge. The park is named after Queen Elizabeth, because when she came here 1994 she opened it herself!



Hell is a very beautiful place. Hell, is an area of Grand Cayman that was once under water. The limestone deposits are from the coral that had inhabited that area. A bacteria attacks the dead coral (limestone) and turns it black. So, what one sees is lots of black jagged rocks that kind of look like brimstone. In the distance the Mangrove trees have started to take over the area about 200-300 yards away from the Hell stone. Very Pretty and unique. If you visit Grand Cayman go to Hell.


Stingray City

Stingray City is Grand Cayman's most famous underwater attraction, a curiosity in the shallows of North Sound. Stingray City and the nearby location known as Sandbar offer the world's only opportunity to swim with more than two dozen wild Atlantic Southern Stingrays which seem comfortable in the company of humans. Its name may suggest a commercial, man-made marine life theme park, but Cayman's Stingray City is entirely natural, an aquatic phenomenon which delights thousands of visitors each year.


Cayman Turtle Farm

Everything about turtles! From a wealth of turtle educational, scientific and conservation information to Turtle Farm: The turtle farm is open everyday from 8:30am to 5pm.  All Tours are self-guided and only take about 30-35 minutes. Tickets are $3/kids 6-12 and $6/adult. For more information call the information center at 345-949-3894


Cayman Rum Point Ferry

Ferry going to Rum Point: Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for kids. For the ferries schedule call 949-9098. The large 2 decker ferry seats about 150 people. It takes about 40 minutes to reach to Rum Point.


Grand Cayman Beach 

1.      Seven Mile Beach: The seven mile beach is located north of George Town. It is called Seven Mile Beach because it is literally seven miles long!

  1. The public beach is located on the seven mile beach. There are cabanas available so you can have a picnic then maybe go for a swim.
  2. Cemetery Beach: is a little further north from the Public Beach. This is a great beach for snorkeling as it is 5 minutes off shore
  3. Smith’s Cove: this small public beach is great for picnics and snorkeling.  


Cayman Helicopter

 If you want to really enjoy the birds eye view of the Grand Cayman  and sister islands and you are not scared of flying   you ought to see he island from up above! the best way to do that is to go on a helicopter ride by Jerome Begot. Contact him at 943-4354




Triathlons in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 

  • The HHH Cross Island Relay
  • The Cancer Society half Marathon
  • DHL Duathlon
  • The Caymanian Compass Full Run
  • Bank  of  Butterfield’s St. Patrick’s Day Run
  • Dashing through sand
  • Flowers 1 mile sea swim organized by the famous Frank Flowers
  • The Bank of Butterfield Triathlon


Running  in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 

If you are interested in joining a running club call:

  • Stock Exchange: 345-945-6060
  • World Gym: 345-949-5132


Cycling in the Cayman Islands 

All cyclers meet at Grand Harbour Shopping Center at 6:30 in the morning and normally cycle 18-25 miles!



Dance: The following places are for dance:

  • Fitness Connection: The instructors name is Linda Rayner.
  • Mrs. Jackie’s school of dance: They teach Rosette Ballet, classical ballet, jazz, Pointe class, Pilates, tap, and theater and craft. They also have professional training. For more information call: 345-949-7296
  • Motions Unlimited: teaches jazz for kids 6-16 ages and adults!
  • Barnes Dance Academy: teaches jazz, creative movement, and modern dance for ages 2-14 as well as adults


Gymnastics in Grand Cayman

Motions Unlimited: If you are interested in Gymnastics, then Motions Unlimited is perfect for you. The cost is $25/ session Monday-Friday. There are also Friday and Saturday night activities that include gymnastics and a snack. For more information call 345-949-8365


Gym and body building

There are several gyms in the Cayman Islands such as Fitness Connection, Gold’s Gym, World Gym and the Powerhouse gym. Memberships start at about $250. All gyms offer weight training, and exercise machines


Cayman Football

There are 10 football teams for men and 6 football teams for women. For more information on football you need to contact the Cayman Islands Football Associations at 345-949-5775


Gaelic Football

Since there are many Irish people the Cayman Islands has adopted the Irish football game, and the great thing about it is you don’t need to be Irish to join any nationality is welcomed. For additional information call 914-5762


Cayman Golf Courses

  1. Britannia Golf Club: 345-949-1234
  2. The Links at Safehaven: 345-949-5988: 18 hole par 71 golf course
  3. Sunrise Family Gold Center: 345-947-4653: Infamous “Golf Social”- tickets are $25 


 If you like to play Badminton then you should go the Kings Sport Center. It is $10/ person. The best time to come is around 5-6pm on either weekdays or weekend. The island also has a badminton association, where you can play with your friends. For more information call 949-3322



 The Cayman Islands squash association is called Caysra Squash Club. The best thing about Caysra is that they really help you with your game. You can rent a court by the hour at Kings Sport Center. The cost is $10/person.


Rugby and Tennis

 The Rugby Club (345-949-7960) located in South Sound is a great place for people to learn rugby. If you are interested in tennis then the Cayman Island’s Tennis Club located in South Sound is the place for you. Children of all ages are welcomed. The have a great after school program. For more information call 345-949-9464



 Swimming: One of the major attractions of the Cayman Islands is the swimming. If your child wants to learn how to swim you should send them to the Fitness Connection. The Fitness Connection is located in South Sound. Children as young as 3 months old are welcome for swimming lessons. For more information call 345-949-8485 or email them at 


Horseback Riding

If you like horseback riding then you can go to the Equestrian Center. If you want public lessons it costs $45/per person but if you prefer private lessons they can be arranged for $50/per person. Besides lessons there is also a stable with exotic horses which you can help groom.



If you want to learn karate there are two schools they can go to:

  • The Purple Dragons School of Martial Arts: The Purple Dragons School of Martial Arts located inside the gold’s gym is a great way for you to learn self defense and most importantly self-discipline. At the Purple Dragons School of Martial Arts they teach Don Jitsu Ryu. Afternoon as well as weekend classes are available. The first class is free and if you like it then you can enroll for classes. For further information you can contact them at 345-949-5132
  • Olympic Martial Arts Center: Olympic Martial Arts Center is situated on Smith Road, where most schools are. At the Olympic Martial Arts Center they teach Taekwando as well as Judo. Classes are available daily for adults. Classes run about $70/month. For more information you can contact them at 345-949-5425.


Kayaking Adventures is great to contact for kayaking because of their reasonable prices such as $25/resident person. You can contact them at 926-1234



  • Body Works: 345-945-6485, they specialize in Hatha Yoga, Yinyasa Yoga as well as Restorative Yoga
  • The Yoga Nook: 345-926-8245, they specialize in Lyngar Yoga


Cayman National Choir

 If you are interested in the Cayman National Choir you need to contact Sue Horrocks at 345-947-8139. Meetings are held at the George Hicks High School every Monday at 7:40, no audition is necessary


Cayman National Orchestra

 If you are interested in the Cayman National Orchestra you need to contact Sue Horrocks at 345-947-8139. Meetings are held every Wednesday from 7pm-9pm at Cayman Prep and High School.


North Sound Boating

 North Sound Boating Trips depart daily either half a day or a full day. The stops include stingray city, the Sand Bar, Coral Gardens, Barrier Reef and Rum Point for lunch. Costs are $30/half day or $50/full day


Fishing Trips

 Many companies can organize fishing trips for you. A private vessel ranges from $300 to $1500/day. The following companies might help you in your search.

  • Just Fish’n: 345-916-0113
  • Captain Asley’s: 345-949-3054

To add dive packages, click the contact above.

Cayman Island Resort Directory 

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